With ZIP/390 MP, your company can checkmate z/OS ZIP related…
High Support and Upgrade Charges
If you use PKZIP for zOS, you are paying a premium for annual maintenance and capacity upgrade fees. ZIP/390 is a virtual plug-and-play replacement that slashes these costs by 60% or more - with no changes to existing jobs and processes in most cases. Using SecureZIP for z/OS for standard file compression and encryption purposes? Even greater savings can be gained switching to ZIP/390! If you use another z/OS ZIP solution or are looking to move from non-native zipping to native z/OS zipping, compare our friendly and highly cost effective pricing and terms.
MIPS Charges
Managing MIPS is a top priority for most Mainframe operations. If your current ZIP solution cannot offload its compression cycles from GP's, the associated MIPS charges represent an undesirable and avoidable increase in cost-of-ownership. ZIP/390 offloads its compression cycles to zIIP or zEDC when available; producing an incremental reduction in Mainframe cost and expanding potential compression opportunities.
Data Privacy and Regulatory Exposure
Unlike ZIP/390, most other native z/OS ZIP solutions, including PKZIP for z/OS, lack strong encryption needed to ensure data privacy. The fact is that data breaches continue to be costlier and result in more consumer records being lost or stolen, year after year. The average total cost of a data breach today is reportedly $3.86 million. According to a recent study, 60% of the companies that were subject to a data breach did not encrypt their data. Therefore, a key to greatly reducing the risk of a data breach is strong encryption of data at rest and during transmission. Replacing an insecure ZIP solution with our secure one is easy and highly cost effective. In many cases lowering current costs!
If Mainframe Cost Reduction, Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance are priorities at your organization, act now to learn how our competitive ZIP replacement program can help.
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