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ZIP Data Compression and Encryption for z/OS and Distributed Systems
ZIP Data Compression, Encryption and more for VSE
3270 Session Management & Web Gateway
Web to Legacy Connectivity
CICS Based Web Server and CGI Environment
Hot Plug-In Functions for your Native CICS/ESA Environment
Redirect VTAM print to System Spooler and LPR printers
ZIP/390 MP | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
Efficient and Secure Data Archiving and Sharing Across the Enterprise and Beyond
ZIP/390 is a fully supported ZIP compression utility for IBM z/OS and related distributed platforms. The product includes unique features such as PDF creation, built-in SMTP, FTP, Peer-to-Peer File Transfer and server-side application integration, and more.
ZIP/VSE | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
ZIP/VSE is a data compression and encryption zip utility that greatly simplifies the secure exchange of data across all computing platforms through it’s use of the ZIP standard, Large File Support, AES strong encryption, and more.

ZIP/VSE is available in Standard or Secure Edition.
3270 Session Manager and Web Gateway for zSeries (z/OS, VSE & VM)
InterSession embodies all the capabilities expected of a best-of-breed 3270 Session Manager. With the addition of the Web Gateway feature, InterSession empowers customers to move even closer to true 3270 connectivity consolidation on zSeries by dramatically reducing (or eliminating) the requirement for 3270 client software and/or middleware implementations; producing potentially large savings in software licensing fees while offering more secure and easy to deploy 3270 services.
IpBridge Product Family
IpBridge/Connect, free with ZIP/390 and ZIP/VSE, provides file compression, encryption, presentation re-packaging and delivery functions as services on a Windows server. Client applications currently supported include Data 21’s ZIP/390 and ZIP/VSE products for IBM zSeries and a Web interface for performing adhoc operations.


IpBridge/Host is a Windows IIS based web-to-host server application for secure high-performance access to 3270 data and business logic by Web Browser users and Web applications. Leveraging standard and open technologies to deliver the functionality of more expensive proprietary oriented products at a fraction of the cost.


IpBridge/Secure is an inexpensive middleware bridging Microsoft’s IIS Web Server environment with Mainframe Web Servers to Plug-in IIS Windows based services; such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and user authentication. Providing SSL encryption for Mainframe based Web applications (such as Data 21’s IpServer CICS Web Server and IBM CWI).
IpServer is a proven low cost CICS based Web Server that runs in virtually all levels of CICS under MVS, OS/390, and VSE. IpServer’s superior CGI programming interface and unique performance features enable CICS programmers to quickly leverage existing systems and skills to transform strategic CICS business applications into high-performance state-of-the-art Web Applications.
As one of Data 21’s earliest developments, Tools4CICS has been in use world-wide with a number of Fortune 1000 companies since 1984.

Tools4CICS is a CICS product comprised of a number of valuable tools including: HELP, Notes, Word, and Spell.
VTAM2Spool routes VTAM (CICS, IMS, etc.) print to the system spooler (z/OS JES, or VSE POWER) or to the LPR Printers - without changes to the host programs required.