InterSession | 3270 Session Manager and Web Gateway for zSeries (z/OS, VSE & VM)

While embodying all capabilities expected of a best-of-breed 3270 Session Manager, InterSession represents a quantum leap for the niche as the first product of its kind to deliver direct web connectivity. The addition of the Web Gateway feature establishes InterSession as the new paradigm of service and value in its category, empowering its customers to move ever closer to true 3270 connectivity consolidation on zSeries. This feature dramatically reduces, and in some cases eliminates, the requirement for 3270 client software and/or middleware implementations; producing potentially large savings in software licensing fees while offering more secure and easy to deploy 3270 services.

Easy and Secure Application Access

Intersession gives all users secure, fast and convenient access to their applications. After logging on the user is presented with a menu of authorized applications. The user can select an application by entering its name, place the cursor on it and press enter, or by pressing a predefined “Hot-key”.

Single Sign-On
InterSession also gives the users Single Sign-On access to all authorized VTAM applications. Applications can be set up for seamless user access without userid/password prompts. When supported, InterSession can use pass tickets instead of passwords to enhance security. InterSession also works well together with all external Single Sign-on products.

Built-in TN3270 Server
InterSession handles TN3270 sessions with its built-in TN3270 server without using the TCP/IP stack TN3270 support; saving CPU cycles and making the configuration easier to manage.

Web Gateway
A built-in web server makes it possible to access your 3270 application using a web browser, without any extra software installed in the workstation. The Web Gateway runs completely within the mainframe and there is no middleware involved. It is designed to be compatible with all leading modern browsers and uses cutting edge technology; such as Ajax and XHTML, when available.

Supported Environments
InterSession supports all current IBM mainframe operating systems (z/OS, z/VSE and z/VM), and all VTAM application host systems (i.e. CICS, TSO, IMS…). The TN3270 support supports all current IBM TCP/IP stacks, TCPaccess from CA (formerly Interlink Computer Sciences) and TCPIP for VSE from Connectivity Systems.

Migration Tools
InterSession comes with migration tools to help you migrate from an old session manager, such as Net/Master. The migration tools can help you create an environment similar to what your end-users are used to.