IpBridge/Secure | Secure your Mainframe Web Connections

Business Challenge
A large concern of many businesses today is having secure web access to mainframe data over the World Wide Web. Finding an inexpensive and simple way of doing so is important. Using Microsoft’s extensive & continuing investment will allow businesses to take advantage of the latest security technology today, and in the future.

Our Solution
IpBridge/Secure is an inexpensive middleware bridging Microsoft’s IIS Web Server environment with Mainframe Web Servers to Plug-in IIS Windows based services; such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and user authentication. Providing SSL encryption for Mainframe based Web applications (such as Data 21’s IpServer CICS Web Server and IBM CWI.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Provides secure connections to the mainframe over HTTP using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), while off-loading overhead from the Mainframe.
  • Increases simplicity by working with any Mainframe Web Service, such as Data 21’s IpServer, IBM’s CWS, Connectivity System’s HTTPD and Web-to-Host Applications, etc.
  • Improves response time through transparent serving of static files (GIF, JPG…) while off-loading overhead from the Mainframe.
  • Improves ease-of-use through Windows User Authentication Pass-Thru to Host Applications (i.e. single sign-on).
  • Reduces Cost while saving time by installing on Windows NT or Windows 2000 in minutes.
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5 or Windows 2003 Server with IIS 6
  • Pentium 4 2ghz or higher (multiple processors recommended for high volume)
  • 1 GB of RAM (or more for high volume)

Developer or Test:
  • Windows 2000 Professional or Server with IIS 5, Windows 2003 Pro or Server with IIS 6
  • Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM

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