IpServer | CICS Based Web Server and CGI Environment

Business Challenge
What do you do when screen scraping just isn’t enough for your application? Taking the time to create a 3270 screen just to screen scrape is a waste of time. Programmer friendly CICS CGI Web development environments will allow you to be free of 3270 and its inherent constraints. Through this process the user finds promising value by improving productivity when creating CICS-powered Web applications and XML Web Services.

Our Solution
IpServer is a proven low cost CICS based Web Server that runs in virtually all levels of CICS under MVS, OS/390 and VSE. IpServer’s superior CGI programming interface and unique performance features enable CICS programmers to quickly leverage existing systems and skills to transform strategic CICS business applications into high-performance state-of-the-art Web Applications.

  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Reduces time and expense of developing CICS powered Web application and XML Web Services by eliminating the need for specialized client development.
  • Increases productivity without having to write program to handle every request (e.g., static web pages, graphics, applets, etc.).
  • Increases ease-of-use with Server-Side Includes (SSI) for easy separation of business logic (CICS code) and presentation (HTML).
  • Improves response time through inline compression.
  • Boosts productivity by shielding CICS programmers from complexities of HTTP headers input parsing.
  • Speeds up processing with a Superior “single pass” HTML and XML Template processing with support for passing data in CICS Temporary Storage.