InterSession | 3270 Session Manager and Web Gateway for zSeries (z/OS, VSE & VM)
Session Manager Replacement Upgrade
ATTENTION: Netview® Access Services (NVAS), CA-TPX, CA-TELEVIEW, CL-SUPERSESSION USERS, Network Director, (and others)…
  • Lower current recurring costs!
  • Gain new important features!
Transparent to End-Users
Retain the “look and feel” of your existing product to eliminate user training!

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Automated Conversion Aids
Automated conversion aids and an outstanding technical support/development team make for a painless transition.

Improved Performance, Functionality and Security
InterSession provides an opportunity to lower costs, more fully exploit 21st century mainframe technology, reduce (if not eliminate) session management administrative overhead, while offering end users more robust security and communications alternatives in support of mainframe session management.

With proof of purchase, InterSession's license fee for the currently licensed capacity is waived 100%; you pay only our generally lower Annual Maintenance.
Features and Benefits Include:
  • Built-in TN3270 Server reduces CPU load and number of VTAM sessions. Allows access to other TN3270 Hosts.
  • Web Gateway for direct Web Browser connectivity (eliminating the need for 3270 client software!)
  • Print Gateway routes 3270 print to any LAN printer (eliminating the need for conversion boxes.)
  • Supports most security systems (RACF, CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret on z/OS and BSM and ESM on VSE/ESA)
  • Dynamic user profile creation from profile models nearly eliminates all administrative support requirements
  • Windows Workstation Administration
  • And much more
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