ZIP/390 Multi-Platform | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
ZIP Data Compression and Encryption for z/OS and Distributed Systems
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ZIP/390 Multi-Platform (MP) is a command-line utility that combines support of portable industry standard compression, encryption and presentation formats with built-in TCP/IP FTP, SMTP and proprietary client-server peer-to-peer communications and application integration capabilities. MP can be used to reduce the logistics, time, risks and cost of sharing files with users and applications across business computing platforms within the Enterprise and beyond.
  • Simplified File Sharing and Archiving
Due to their efficiency, ease of use and wide platform support, .zip and .pdf files simplify the sharing of files and reports with local and remote end-users, customers and partners. The Zip file is also an easy to manage highly portable compressed, and optionally encrypted, file archiving solution.
  • Advanced File Transfer and Post Processing
MP's multi-platform client-server and application integration capabilities facilitate direct data streaming into applications on server platforms; eliminating file staging and automating digital work-flows.
  • Built-In Process Automation
Providing more timely delivery of information to end-users and applications increases business agility, service and productivity. MP actively monitors file systems and directories, taking predefined action upon targeted files the moment they are created.
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