Did you know? Newsletter Issue. 1
ZIP/390 Supports IBM zEDC
Boost elapsed time performance up to tenfold
IBM zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC) is a compression acceleration capability introduced with z/OS V2R1. The zEDC is similar to the zIIP engine (also supported) in that it allows customers to offload workloads without impacting MIPS or MSUs. The difference between the zIIP engine and zEDC is that the elapsed time performance of compression is boosted up to tenfold with zEDC. The support can be an effective tool in SLA Compliance and maximizing existing mainframe white-space. The support also provides customers an opportunity to gain the benefits of compression for data that is not presently being compressed due to resource and/or time constraints.

zEDC support is a standard feature of the new multi-platform version of ZIP/390 for z/OS customers on maintenance. Built from the ground up as a multi-platform product with secure real-time cross-platform connectivity, MP extends the reach, functionality and value of the ZIP/390 offering for customers. To learn more about zEDC support and ZIP/390 MP, contact a sales representative by form, sales@data21.com or phone at (424) 271-8105.