Did you know? Newsletter Issue. 2
ZIP/390 runs on Linux on System z
Providing a fully supported Zip & Encryption solution
ZIP/390 MP for Linux on System z provides a supported solution for the same Enterprise Level Zip compression and strong encryption used everyday in your zOS processing. Plus unique additional real-time cross-platform functionality between z/OS and z/Linux.
  • Zip Compression
  • AES (128,196,256 bit) Strong Encryption
  • ZIP/64 Large File Support
  • Application Integration
  • Multiplatform Integration
    • - Hybrid Application Processing
    • - Fast and Secure Cross-Platform File Transfers
  • Guaranteed Cross-Platform compatibility
  • Single vendor support
ZIP/390 MP for Linux on System z is freely available, for up to three (3) instances to ZIP/390 for z/OS customers on maintenance. Built from the ground up as a multi-platform product with secure real-time cross-platform connectivity, MP extends the reach, functionality and value of the ZIP/390 offering for customers. To learn more about ZIP/390 MP for Linux on System z, contact a sales representative by form, sales@data21.com or phone at (424) 271-8105.